10 Tips on How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Improving your LinkedIn profile is essential in the current job market. LinkedIn acts as a social media platform for professionals and it is a great way to expand your current network, giving yourself the best opportunity of finding a career for you.


It is not just as simple as having a LinkedIn profile, nowadays it is highly important to optimise your profile for potential job recruiters. The aim of your LinkedIn profile is to attract attention, connect with the right people and put your skills and qualifications on alert for anyone who may have a professional interest in you.

With over 750 million users on the platform, it is a crowded market to distinguish yourself in. This is why it is important for all users to take the necessary time to better their profiles.

Here are our 10 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:


1. Pick the Correct Profile Image

Your profile picture is the first thing that people see of you when they witness your LinkedIn profile. This is the first impression that you are making and using the right photo can go a long way to ensuring that impression is positive. Your photo should be professional and of good quality.


2. Add Contact Information

It is highly important for your contact information to be made available to potential connections who want to get in contact. Ensuring information such as email, contact number or website increases the chances of people contacting you about potential opportunities.


3. Outline your Location


This will increase the likelihood of your profile showing up for specific searches in your area. If employers are aiming to recruit certain professionals in a given area, outlining your qualifications and your location can greatly benefit your search chances. This can help you grow your network which boosts your profile.


4. Improve Your LinkedIn Headline

Here is your opportunity to tell potential employers or connections something about yourself. Highlighting your professional qualities and achievements here can go a long way to creating connections and expanding your network. This may also enhance the chances of your profile being found in job searches.


5. Highlight Previous Experience

Rather than just uploading your CV to LinkedIn, providing all your previous experience can help improve your suitability for a potential job opening. Include all relevant past experiences and accomplishments. Using action words such as ‘results’ and ‘responsibilities’ is a good way to make sure you’re effectively conveying your competencies.


6. List all Relevant Skills

This is one of the key elements of LinkedIn. You can choose which skills are attributable to you and which skills you think are more tailored to certain job areas. Ensuring that your skills are relevant and applicable, rather than plentiful and not specific to you, will go a long way.


7. Customise Your URL

Creating a custom URL makes it a lot easier for you to send your profile and credentials to prospective employers or connections. You are able to change your URL from your profile and then make it more suitable to your needs.


8. Make More Connections


Increasing the number of connections you have improves the chances of your profile being found by recruiters and also reduces the chances of you missing an opportunity. Connecting with individuals in areas relevant to your interest can go a long way to improving your job search.


9. Remove Jargon

While it is important to effectively get your skills and experiences across, using jargon can have a negative impact on your LinkedIn profile. Taking out irrelevant content can help to optimise your profile and improve the understanding of your profile for prospective viewers. Being more precise about your skills and qualifications can benefit your LinkedIn profile.


10. Stay Active


While LinkedIn is more professional than other social platforms, it is still important to remain active on the site. Sharing content that you believe in, and interacting with your connections, can go a long way to optimising your LinkedIn profile.

Ultimately improving your LinkedIn profile can go a long way to enhancing your professional profile. Following the above tips can help you connect with professional individuals and enterprises which can only benefit you from both a personal and professional sense.

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