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3 Reasons to Apply for Construction or Engineering Jobs in November

3 Reasons to Apply for Construction or Engineering Jobs in November

If you’re working in Ireland or overseas in Construction and Engineering and are keen to come home to Ireland for good, you couldn’t have picked a better time to explore your options at home.

Imagine handing in your notice in early December and starting the new year with a great new job. Well, it’s certainly possible if you can get in touch with us today and we’ll get the ball rolling. Below are our 3 reasons why you should consider applying today instead of January.

1. Interview now, start in January

The usual approach of waiting until January or the New Year to start thinking about changing roles is no longer relevant these days because companies and employers are not waiting until January to kick start their hiring and interviewing process. Instead, they are interviewing now and will be making offers as soon as possible. Why? So that they can have new hires starting in the first week of January 2019.

Not only that but if you are living abroad and won’t be home for a few weeks, we can arrange a Skype call to run through your CV, experience, skills and talk about our current open roles.

2. In demand skills 

Due to the volume of projects that are currently underway or commencing in the early new year we have seen a huge demand for a wide variety of construction and engineering professionals, but in particular for quantity surveyors, site engineers, site managers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

3. Steady stream of fresh employment opportunities

If you are wondering about the current strength of the construction and engineering sectors in Ireland, it seems that there are more opportunities than ever. A recent report by Ulster Bank (the October Purchasing Managers Index / PMI) stated that “the plethora of new building contracts ensures..a steady stream of fresh employment opportunities for construction workers and professionals” in addition to strong growth in the housing and commercial construction sectors especially.

Our advice? Why wait until January to start changing careers. Get ahead of the crowd and have a confidential chat with us today.

We also offer career advice, salary advice and industry advice so if you are considering a move but want some expert advice first, just call us on +353 21 206 6078 and speak to one of our experienced recruiters. Or take a look around our website, browse new jobs and apply. http://aaeuro.com/job-listings/