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5 Reasons Why You Should Search for a New Job in the Summer

5 Reasons Why you should search for a new job in the summer

There is a common misconception that people don’t change jobs in the summer. If we were to believe this, it would mean that (a) companies don’t have any new openings from May to August (b) people don’t leave roles from May to August and (c) companies don’t hold interviews to replace people who have moved on during this time.

At present, in Euro Executive Recruitment, we have a number of roles in the Engineering and Construction industries and we are actively recruiting for these roles and will continue to get more roles to work on across the coming months.

In fact, there are 5 reasons why you would search for a new role in the Summer

Beat the September rush

If you are fortunate to receive a job offer and decide to accept it, the usual circumstances are that you would give 4 weeks’ notice – or whatever is specified in your contract. If you secure a job offer in mid-July, chances are you could start your new role in mid-to-late August. However, usually, this would usually be pushed back at the start of September depending on the annual leave situation of the team that you are joining. So, by interviewing in mid-July you have beaten the ‘September rush’. Why? Because most people think that new roles are vacated and then advertised in September only and they wait for that time.

Quicker interview process

With Summertime comes busy annual leave calendars from everyone involved – from HR to the interviewee to the Hiring Manager.  Frequently, we see a quicker interview process as everyone knows that securing availability is tough in the Summer months. Yet another reason why you should get your CV out there from May onwards

More Contract positions

If you are looking for a new contract position or for a short-term role, the Summer is a great time to pick up this type of role. Frequently, companies will hire temporary cover at the start of the Summer for 6 months or longer and there is always the possibility that what started out as a temporary role could become permanent

Learn your new role at a better pace

Let’s say you interview in September and join a new company in mid-to-late October. You are starting your new role in Q4 – one of the busiest times of the year where you really learn everything on the go! In contrast, joining in the Summer allows more time to get to know your new role in a slightly more relaxed environment

Company Summer Social Events

Perhaps the biggest benefit of them all – the company Summer BBQ. Well, in Ireland this is usually held indoors as our weather is unpredictable. However, Summer BBQs and evening socials are more common at this time of year and so by starting a new role in the Summer, you can meet people easier and do some networking ahead of the new arrivals in September

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