7 Reasons why you should trust an recruitment agency on your job search

7 Reasons why you should trust an recruitment agency on your job search

Direct Access to the decision-makers

When you apply for a job on a job board or on their website, your CV will be one of the hundreds and might not get noticed. When you apply through a recruitment agency, we first confirm your suitability for the role and then get your CV in front of the people responsible for hiring. We will chat with you about the role as well as the decision-makers and sell you as the right person for the job. This is something you can’t do when you apply directly yourself.

CV Help

At AA Euro, we invest our time into you and your CV. Your CV is your first impression with a company, therefore it is important to go over it in fine detail to ensure that your skills and experience are a match to the specific job requirements.

We can give you more details about the job vs online posts

An online job posting can be vague and go into very much detail. By having a call with one of our experienced recruiters at AA Euro. We can expand on the role, offering you in detail more about the role, the company and what they are looking for.

Interview Preparation

Your CV has been submitted and you’ve been offered an interview…. What are the next steps? At AA Euro, we will provide interview preparation over the phone (or in-person), go through the type of questions that will be asked, insights into the company and offer guidance on the best way to answer their questions. We want you to be fully confident walking into the interview, knowing the job is yours!

Negotiate on your behalf

Let’s talk salary, towards the final stages of the recruitment process, salary negotiations take place. We know that negotiating your salary and benefits can be unnerving. You don’t know how the company is willing to go, so leave it to us. We’ll have the difficult conversation for you. We know what to ask, how to ask and know what is attainable.


If you have ever applied for a role directly or through a job board, you know that more often than not, you don’t hear anything back. Have you moved on to the next round? Was your CV up to par? Did the company go with someone more experienced? Your AA Euro recruiter can find this all out for you, as well as keeping you updated on how your application is doing. We can also provide you with other information such as how many other candidates are through to final stages or if there have been any changes.

Free as in Free

Yes free! The hiring company pays us, the recruitment agency for their services and that’s it. The salary you are offered is 100% yours. The company that hires you will be charged a fee when you start working but this will in not affect you in any respect.

You have now seen the benefits of ‘why a recruitment agency‘, If you are looking to make a change in your career, or just want to see what is out there. Get in touch with us today at 021 2066578 or 051 355 704. Alternatively, you can email us at info@aaeuro.com. We have a European reach with offices in six different European countries. See all of our current job listings here.