Joanne Moody Appointed to Lead New AA Euro Healthcare Division

AA Euro Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Joanne Moody who is set to lead the new AA Euro Healthcare division.

AA Euro Healthcare Joanne Moody

Joanne has previously worked in a number of operations and management-based roles within the recruitment sector, where she oversaw the strategic direction of all recruitment activities.

With more than 15 years of experience working in sales and operations roles across a multitude of sectors, Joanne has a particular affinity for the recruitment of healthcare staff.


AA Euro Healthcare

Heading up AA Euro Healthcare (AA Euro Group’s newest division), Joanne will be responsible for the specific sourcing of healthcare professionals, utilising our network of European offices, for our Irish healthcare clients.

AA Euro Group has always had the distinct advantage above local competitors of its extensive European reach, tapping into qualitative, highly-skilled talent pools across the EU to fill roles where local talent is limited, and AA Euro Healthcare is to be a natural extension to this with a more elaborate focus on this specific sector.

The Irish healthcare system has a well-documented history of skills shortages, a growing concern that has only been heightened by the increased healthcare demands presented by COVID-19.

Denis Casey, Group Operations Director, says that Joanne Moody is the best fit to lead AA Euro Healthcare:

“Joanne is a seasoned expert in the recruitment of healthcare staff and brings with her a wealth of experience from her previous roles in recruitment operations. I have no doubt that she will be an extremely valued addition to AA Euro Group.”

As her new role leading the new AA Euro Healthcare division begins, Joanne says:

“I am greatly looking forward to working with AA Euro Group, and relish the opportunity to lead a division that centres itself on the recruitment of one of the most important fabrics of  our society.”

“The Irish healthcare system is at a critical point where skills shortages are common in areas where supply of staff simply does not meet demand. My desire is that AA Euro Healthcare, with its extensive EU-wide office network, will alleviate these pressures by sourcing highly-skilled healthcare professionals for high-in-demand healthcare disciplines,” she added.

Joanne’s recent appointment follows the development of a new Healthcare division within AA Euro Group.

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