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AA Euro Holland

We here at AA Euro Group are proud to announce we are expanding our European reach by opening a new location in Holland!  Our European reach is now even larger than ever! With AA Euro Holland, we are able to fully service all of our clients in the Netherlands and in surrounding areas with our fully qualified team.

AA Euro Holland, AA Euro Holland, AA Euro Group Ltd., AA Euro Group Ltd.This isn’t just good news for Holland, with our new office location, it means that we can expand our talent pool of potential employees/candidates that we can tap into when we are searching for the right candidates for your company. This benefits job seekers, by having our wide reach across Europe with clients in different sectors in Ireland, The UK, Poland, Romania, Croatia and now Holland, we have the resources and abilities to find the perfect role for you.


We are one of the only Recruitment Agencies in Ireland with offices across Europe, this means that our talent pool is larger than our competitors. This works in your favour as we can cast a wider net when searching for the right candidate that match the skillsets you are are searching for.

You can contact the new AA Euro Holland office at info@aaeuro.com or by calling +353 (0)51 355 704.  If you are searching for your next step, you can see our current listings for Ireland and Europe here. If you want to contact AA Euro Group and or our specialist executive talent division AA Euro Executive about working with you and taking your recruitment to the next level, contact us here.