Engineering: Benefits of Working with a Consultancy

With engineering one of the biggest career decisions you can make is deciding to work with a consultancy or with a main contractor. The terms contractor and consultant have become blurred over the years but it is important to note a distinct difference between working with either or. Generally, a consultancy has a special field of expertise or skillset. Some larger consultancy firms would work across a variety of disciplines. Consultancies can provide expert opinion or services within their field. In turn, a contractor agrees to do the work itself and is more hands on with the day to day management of the project to hand. They generally retain control over the work being done.

There are a range of benefits to working as an engineer with a consultancy. They can provide a range of exciting opportunities and broaden your skillset greatly. From design work to career progression and work life balance, working with a consultancy can provide you with a range of extra perks not readily available to contractors.

Your Design Skills

Are you fascinated by the in-depth design work? Then perhaps working with a consultancy is an excellent avenue to follow. By having the opportunity to complete designs in the offices ahead of work beginning on site you will have the opportunity to design and adjust in line with queries from the contractor ahead of the work starting.

There are a huge range of benefits to being creative and part of the design process. Being involved with creative work can increase your capacity to problem solve efficiently, can provide stress relief and also provides you with an element of freedom to create something new.

Work Diversity

Do you get bored working on one thing for long periods of time? Working with a consultancy you will have added benefit of the opportunity to work on multiple projects at any given time. Contracting engineers on the other hand are likely to be working on one project over an extensive period of time.

Studies have shown that those with greater diversity in their roles have higher levels of job satisfaction. The challenge brings with it the opportunity to learn how to think on your feet, adapt to change and learn new skills. Diversity in your role can also help you think about what areas of your role you most enjoy for future progression.

Work/Life Balance

Do you want the added benefit of working regular hours with a regular commute? This is an especially important benefit to help you better focus on your work life balance. Contractors tend to have long days sometimes working unprecedented hours. Consultants have the added benefit of typically working from an office majority of the time.

People who have good work/life balance tend to be more satisfied with both their work and home lives. It gives opportunity to effectively juggle the responsibilities a family life can bring alongside work. This can be of huge importance if you are planning on or have recently started a family. Those who have a good work/life balance also tend to be healthier physically, emotionally and socially.

Travel Opportunities

Like the idea of travelling during your career? Working with a consultancy can provide a range of opportunities across a variety of projects. With larger consultancy firms, you would have the opportunity to travel and work in your field with some consultancies.

Travel opportunities can bring a range of benefits to your role. You may have the opportunity to learn in different settings which increases your ability to think creatively. It also gives you the opportunity to see the world and meet new people.

Career Progression

Want to progress your career quickly? With the added benefit of working on multiple projects you can quickly garner a wide range of skills and areas of expertise from working with a consultancy. This can provide a range of opportunities for you as your career progresses.

Career progression can give you a stronger sense of purpose in your role, increase your job satisfaction and boost your engagement and productivity. It also brings about new opportunities and the possibility of a higher salary. Career progression is an important part of work life.

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