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BIM there done that?

BIM there done that?

Despite it being 2018, and seemingly every aspect of our everyday lives is now reigned by technology. It is easy to have the perception that the construction industry is not hi-tech.

Most construction sites you drive by probably don’t appear to be any different than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Tasks, like pouring concrete or installing drywall, seem to be done the same way as they always have been. But that would be a misconception. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, collaborative software and of all things, gaming technology, the construction industry is more high-tech than ever.

When we think of technology, the future can seem daunting. Reading the headlines makes it seem like we could all be out of a job within a few years – replaced either by smart algorithms out-thinking us; or by robots out-working us.

Behind the headlines, there’s certainly an element of truth there; as the nature of work will be changed significantly by technology over the next decade. But technological change is as old as human history and construction professionals can take comfort in the fact that their industry has a rich heritage of adapting to and driving this change.

The good news is that due to our nature there will certainly always be the need for human input. Humans are creative, able to process large amounts of disparate data, and capable of thinking in complex and abstract ways to solve problems and we also bring our own biases to problem-solving- Computers do not. On the other side of the fence, however, computers won’t answer back or call in sick.

With the ever-adapting technology in the construction market, it is clear to see how BIM (Building Information modelling) is fast becoming a market leader within the industry. This type of technology, with its associated benefits of visualization, built-in intelligence and simulation is a dramatic step forward from 2D CAD, the current technology used for design and construction. BIM is the next evolution in construction design, as it allows for the design of a fully functioning, virtual model of facilities of all sizes.

BIM was introduced as the industry underwent radical change and owners now demand more project visibility, lower costs, better risk management (scheduling and costs), and increased use of these new technologies in projects.

The potential for these changes are overall highly beneficial: they will allow for less waste, more efficient energy consumption, and ultimately lower costs over the lifecycle of the facility, from design and construction to operations

In 2013/14, BIM was a significant contributor to over £800Mn savings in construction costs in the UK alone, based on these findings, the benefits of BIM are now too compelling to ignore. BIM is a poster-child example of how technology can impact construction, and how early adopters can gain an advantage.

With these figures in mind, it is of little to no surprise that BIM professionals are in such high demand. If you want to chat about the options available to you in terms of opportunities in Ireland, The UK and Europe check out the link below or contact me directly.

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