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The Many Benefits of Flexible Working

It's often thought that flexible working opportunities only benefit the employee, but this is not the case. AFlexible working is not one thing. It is an umbrella term which applies to any work management structure that deviates from the traditional

Managing Remote Teams

Not just a short-term reality, more and more organisations are making the decision to implement remote working procedures. This has presented new benefits and challenges for employees and management alike. Suffice to say, managing remote teams requires a different approach from traditional management. We have outlined some tips for effectively managing remote teams in this very new working environment.

The Future of Work Post COVID-19

Data centres are facing surges in activity, organisations are changing their work-management structures and people are enjoying a better work-life balance. COVID-19 has, whether we like it or not, changed how we go about our jobs for the foreseeable future and beyond. Here, we take a closer look at what this all means.