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Data Central – Ireland and the Data Capital of Europe

Data Central – Ireland and the Data Capital of Europe

Ireland has established itself as the ‘data capital of Europe’, with many of the world’s largest tech companies basing data centres here.

I’d like to go through some benefits of the data centres being here and reasons why so many companies have decided to choose Ireland as their European base.

Firstly, is the income generated into the economy as Ireland’s continues to grow rapidly.

Indigenous multinationals like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are choosing Ireland as locations to establish and the economy can only benefit from their presence. Jobs created in industry, construction, as well as hospitality, make these projects critical to the continued growth in the economy.

In the past 24 months, nearly €900m worth of construction has commenced on site around the Grange Castle Business Park area in Dublin 22. The developments comprise of pharmaceutical and data centre builds for multinational corporations.

Companies like Amazon are showing no sign of stopping the construction of data centres here. “The data centre is likely to cost up to €200m. But Amazon said it might build as many as seven more data centres at the 26-hectare location owned by the IDA, which is due to become a data-storage facility campus. That could involve an estimated future spend of another €700m”

Reasons Ireland are chosen as a location to establish are, the hungry, highly skilled workforce, and third level qualified. Ireland is considered among the top 10 best educated countries in the world.

Our location as a natural path between Europe and the USA is key, and positions us perfectly to benefit as a result. Similarly our ease of access and road networks around the M50 where the bulk of our data hub is placed.

We also have the perfect temperature for cooling the data centres naturally, as well as connectivity between the UK and Europe. Our broadband network, as well as the T50 trunking system, located along the M50.

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