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Data Centre Industry Update – 25th November

Globally, we are seeing a surge in data centre activity. This surge is largely brought about by remote working as a result of COVID-19. This is a turning point for work-management structures and the data centre industry as a whole.

This seismic growth in online activity has created jobs in tech, engineering, construction and more as a result. Our last update included key trend predictions for 2021, Lenovo’s revenue increases and more.

Here are this edition’s updates:


Data Centre Industry Update – 25th November 2020

  • American tech giant Oracle has launched a regional cloud data centre in Dubai in order to reflect the importance of the UAE as a local, regional and global technology hub.
  • Rostelecom has launched a data centre in northern Moscow, comprising 1,500 sq m and a hosting capacity of 600 racks. The Tier 3 NORD-5 will be operated by Rostelecom and DataLine.
  • Vantage has bought Hypertec’s hyperscale campus in Montreal, which will give Vantage five times its current capacity in the market. The campus currently has two facilities with 25MW capacity total.
  • Catalyst Cloud has launched a managed database service, the first of its kind in New Zealand. It allows IT, administrators, to focus on their applications, saving them time on day-to-day administration.
  • Bharti Airtel’s subsidiary Nxtra Data Limited will set up two new data centre campuses in Mumbai and Pune, adding to a portfolio of 10 large and 120 edge data cfacilities providing a range of cloud services.  

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