Data Centre Industry Update – 2nd March 2022 - AA Euro Group Ltd.

Data Centre Industry Update – 2nd March 2022

Data Centre Industry Update – 2nd March 2022

Globally, we are seeing a huge increase in the level of data centre activity. This surge is largely brought about by remote working and other measures as a result of COVID-19. This is a turning point for work-management structures and the industry as a whole.

This seismic growth in online activity has created jobs in tech, engineering, construction, and more as a result. In our previous update, we discussed how Ireland has made moves to prevent potential rolling blackouts through the installation of 9 new electrical plants, IDA Ireland has committed to helping establish new data facilities in Ireland despite EirGrid’s refusal to permit electrical grid entry, and Equinix, the Irish data operator has launched its new Network Edge services in Dublin and across other large European markets.

Here are this edition’s updates:

  • Data centre developer, EdgeConneX, has been granted permission for a further 2 new data facilities in Dublin despite restrictions placed on the electrical grid from Eirgrid.
  • According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Data Centres are expected to use 7.5 TWh of electricity in 2022 which is less than both commercial/residential consumers and industrial organisations.
  • According to research group Omdia, Data centre operators across Ireland, The UK, and Nordic regions are ready to upgrade to UPS batteries as energy management issues continue in the region.
  • SoftBank Group has shelved the potential $80 billion sale of Arm to US chipmaker Nvidia Corporation due to regulatory hurdles, which would have greatly improved its position in the data chip market.
  • Irish data centre equipment manufacturer Edpac has been acquired by Swedish company Munters in a €29m deal, as the air treatment company will continue its expansion within the European market.

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