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Data Centre Industry Update – 14th October

Globally, we are seeing a surge in data centre activity. This surge is largely brought about by remote working as a result of COVID-19. This is a turning point for work-management structures and the data centre industry as a whole.

This seismic growth in online activity has created jobs in tech, engineering, construction and more as a result.  In the last edition, highlights included Tik Tok’s EU data rehousing to Ireland, Microsoft’s underwater experimentation and more.

Here are this edition’s updates:


Data Centre Industry Update – 14th October 2020

  • American Tower launched its Edge Data Centre initiative across the United States this year. Its first phase will use real estate, electricity, security and dark fibre assets to help enterprises build distributed data facilities.
  • T5 Data Centers has acquired an enterprise-owned data centre in California, set to become the T5@Sillicon Valley campus.  T5 will develop an additional 32 MW, 180,000 sq ft building to meet the growing needs of customers.
  • Mahti, the new BullSequana XH2000 supercomputer, has been inaugurated at Finland’s IT Centre for Science centre in Kajaani, Finland. Mahti is powered by two hydroelectric stations and is now the fastest HPC in the Nordics.
  • Microsoft is set to build three data centres in Greece, investing $1 billion to the Greek economy. This will include digital-skills training programmes for around 100,000 government and private-sector workers.
  • New research conducted by Knight Frank says that by 2023 we will see a rise in ‘gigawatt markets’, data centre markets where IT power is to exceed 1,000 megawatts, in key markets Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Dublin.


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