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Data Centre Industry Update – 5th August

Globally, we are seeing a surge in data centre activity – largely brought about by remote working as a result of COVID-19. This is a turning point for work-management structures and the data centre industry as a whole.

This seismic growth in online activity across the globe has created jobs in technology, engineering, construction and more as a result. Last week, we introduced our new weekly Data Centre Update series, outlining the latest advancements in the data industry. This week we take a wider look at developments across the world in the data centre space.


Data Centre Industry Update – 5th August 2020

  • California-based cloud computing platform ServiceNow has confirmed that it is developing two new data facility locations in Dublin and Newport in the UK. Dublin will twin with Amsterdam, while Newport will pair with London.
  • Based on a poll of more than 700 data centre consultants in Western Europe, a new report from Aggreko states that over half (55%) of them have concerns about the capabilities of local energy infrastructure to support data centres.
  • This is owed to a steep rise in the volume of data being produced year on year, along with the inevitable spike caused by COVID-19. To address this, the industry is looking towards renewable energy as a potential solution.
  • To combat this issue, US multinational Microsoft has announced it has closed a 20-year power purchase agreement for the energy generated by First Solar’s 150 MWac Sun Streams 2 solar plant. This will become part of Microsoft’s ambition to have renewable energy supply 60% of the electricity used by its data centres by the start of 2021.
  • The Trump Administration is gearing up to order Chinese company ByteDance to sell US operations of video-sharing app TikTok. It is believed the platform censors unfavourable content about The Communist Party of China.
  • Microsoft is said to be in discussions of acquisition of Tik Tok’s US operations, which would likely see the platform slowly move over to its Azure cloud service.


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