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Does playing a musical instrument help your CV?

Anyone who has played a musical instrument in their life knows the time, dedication, focus and passion required to successfully hone your skills. It takes problem solving skills, independent learning skills and above all else the ability to work successfully as part of a team when playing with groups. It also highlights your ability to continually learn and progress your personal development, diversify your interests and hobbies and can play a key role in your ability to present with confidence. So what skills are most valued by employers to include on your CV?

Problem Solving

The discipline and patience required to learn how to play a musical instrument can directly impact your ability to problem solve effectively. Majority of people who have learned to play a musical instrument have had the opportunity to learn a series of pieces to a high standard. This strengthens your ability to not only problem solve effectively but also improve your memory. This is especially important if your role involves learning speeches, lists and even vital information ahead of meetings. It is important to include the problem solving skills you have learnt as a result of playing a musical instrument on your CV in a way that directly transfers into business skills like these.

Time Management

Musicians have a clear understanding of the importance of time. This doesn’t just correlate to the ability to keep in time when playing with a group of people. Musicians have the ability to learn a piece in a timely manner ahead of an event or gig. Musicians know how to make best use of their time to generate the best results possible. This is an important skill for any role. Including this in your CV by highlighting both your time dedication, time efficiency and ability to work to the schedule of others can help you stand out from others highlighting the same skill.

Presentation Skills

Those who have honed their skills and have experience playing in front of crowds have a distinct advantage in the workplace when presenting ideas to managers, teams and stakeholders. Having an element of charisma can directly influence the success of a presentation. Having the strong and confident ability to directly influence and speak publicly can also be an added benefit for you in your career. Adding your experience playing in front of crowds but tailored in a way that highlights your confidence, charisma and ability to present well can be influential in the progression of your career and help your CV stand out.

Ability to work independently

Learning to play an instrument takes hours of time alone practicing repeatedly until you successfully learn. This ability is essential for the vast majority of roles. Those who have the ability to problem solve independently are vital assets to many companies. Dedication is another vital characteristic of playing a musical instrument. Those who have learnt an instrument know the patience required to continually complete a repetitive task for a long period of time. Many people have difficulty with repetitive tasks. This can be included in your CV by describing your dedication and ability to work independently and hone your skills with repetitive tasks.

Ability to work as part of a team

The ability to read and write music can have a positive impact on your communication skills. Like mathematics, knowing how to read the artificial language of music notation shows your ability to communicate in a variety of ways. This is especially important for those looking for technical roles such as a job in programming. The ability to visualise results much like athletes is also a key trait of a musician. This gives them the opportunity to be successful leaders which is vital in a team setting. Musicians can include this on their CV by highlighting their ability to work as part of a team, ability to make decisions quickly in a group setting to enhance the results of the project being worked on and their ability to lead successfully.

These skills are not just unique to musicians. Athletes and those with other hobbies can also pick up a range of essential skills that are directly transferable to a role in business. It is important for an employer to see that you actively work on your business skills in both a professional and personal manner and this is an excellent way to reflect this to them.

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