Does Returning To Work Fill You With Dread? - AA Euro Group Ltd.

Does returning to work fill you with dread? The time to change is now.

The summer is in full swing and we have either been on our holidays or booking late summer holidays. We all get excited about switching on our ‘Out of Office’ on and switching ourselves off. But is that excitement overshadowed by a sinking feeling of dread about returning to work? 

Your holiday is for you to enjoy; a time to disconnect from work and reconnect with yourself or loved ones. We aren’t talking the usual Monday blues we all get on a Sunday afternoon. Do you have feelings of dread or anxiety about returning to work during that time off? Are you googling ‘Lists of reasons why I should quit my job’ or articles like The Journals ‘Here are 23 signs you’re burnt out at work’? 

If YES is the answer to these questions, then yes it’s time to think about switching jobs or careers. On average we spend roughly 8 hours or 40 hours a week at work. Many of us work more than this, but isn’t it important for you to enjoy your job or going to work? 

With the summer holiday season in full swing, now is the time to start the new job hunt for a new start in Autumn. The two best options are either career development; which is a move to a new position in a different company. The second option is a lateral move.

We are a specialist recruitment consultancy working both in Ireland and across Europe. this allows us to have a much wider reach. We don’t limit ourselves to Ireland when searching for your new role. Why should you limit yourself to a recruitment consultancy that isn’t Europe wide? Returning to work

Our team of recruiters commit themselves to work on your behalf. We will find the right job for you whether that’s here in Ireland or in Europe.  

If you are reading this post feeling disengaged or disinterested in your current position, the time for change is now! Life is short and the right role is out there for you. Contact Euro Executive in confidence to see if we can assist in securing the next step in your career.

Life is for living, your career should be a healthy part of life. If this is not the case, it is up to you to make a change and nobody else can do this for you. Contact the team at Euro Executive on 021 206 6078  or email us if you want to discuss the next step in your career.