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EU-Wide Specialist Recruitment Solutions

With a large EU-wide Recruitment Network, AA Euro sources Specialist EU Talent with Full Availability to work in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU.

We know that Irish and European businesses are already faced with huge challenges, in part from the ripple effects of COVID-19 and Brexit as well as other factors, which have led to many niche staffing shortages across key sectors.

Securing talent for specific roles, particularly within your organisation’s catchment area, can be a difficult process and the stipulations on the employment of British nationals post-Brexit (i.e. visas, contracts etc.) has added to this strain. 

“A renewed focus on the recruitment of talent from EU countries has been observed amongst organisations in recent months, due to the seamless contractual process and ease of logistics in securing EU talent.”


Our Approach

AA Euro outcompetes our local competitors in sourcing talent from across the EU, with our extensive EU office network and unique, streamlined recruitment process.

With our network of European offices, our reach allows us to access EU-wide talent pools to source highly-skilled, EU national labour forces, along with assisting with relocation within the EU.

In addition to our AA Euro locations in Ireland, we would like to introduce you to some of our other EU-based offices, each of which provides exceptional recruitment solutions across Europe:




AA Euro Poland

Our Polish offices are located within the Kujawy-Pomerania province (Bydgoszcz, Torún and Ciechocinek), one of Poland’s most important economic hubs, serving many of Poland’s largest companies across financial, industrial and technology.
With an established expert team of 16 recruitment consultants, spanning three offices across the country, AA Euro Poland has successfully sourced highly-skilled candidates from Poland and further afield in the European Union.

This province also is home to some of Poland’s most established third level institutions, including Nicolaus Copernicus University and the University of Science and Technology, producing industry-standard graduates across key sectors.

AA Euro Poland has a track record of providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions across a wide range of sectors, including handling of administration and relocation logistics.


“I am a Health & Safety Professional with 7+ years of experience from Poland and was seeking an H&S Advisor role within the construction industry. I found a job listing from AA Euro and spoke with the Poland office. They were very helpful and responded to my application quickly. I am now in a great position with a satisfying remuneration and work-life balance. I would recommend AA Euro to anybody looking for a role – they are an excellent employing agency.”



AA Euro Romania

Our Romanian office is based in the famously business and industry-oriented city of Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, and is a European hub of creativity and innovation. Our 3-strong team here sources candidates for major projects in Europe.

Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding area comprises a highly skilled workforce with a large student population from prestigious technical universities like the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Politehnica University Timisoara and Gheorge Asachi Technical University.

AA Euro Romania attracts candidates from these high-demand and niche technical university talent pools and secures them with employment within Romania and further afield in the EU.

Our Romanian office has vast experience of sourcing Romanian and EU talent, including managed workplace solutions, administration assistance and responsibility for relocation logistics.


I’m a Pipe Fitter and have worked as a supervisor across several countries. I saw an online ad for a pipefitter and was put in touch with AA Euro Romania and then Paul Galgey. I’ve had a really pleasant experience with AA Euro, a prestigious agency with industry expertise that plays an important role in finding skilled labour in Europe. I’m very satisfied with my role – I work with a strong, balanced team and earn a great salary. I’d gladly recommend AA Euro to friends and have enjoyed a great collaboration with them for several years.” – Maxim Marian-Denis


AA Euro Croatia

AA Euro Croatia is located in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, which is considered to be a power city amongst the global economic network with a diverse economy and a particularly strong high-tech industry and service sector.

As a centre for business and international trade within the European and international community, Zagreb naturally has a highly skilled workforce, including its graduates from the internationally-acclaimed University of Zagrab.

With its three permanent recruitment consultants, our Croatian office provides a large selection of white-collar and blue-collar talent to Irish and European organisations, with a proven track record of success, as below:


“I have worked for various Health & Safety projects for more than 10 years and was looking for a job where I could continue in this field and further develop my skills. For me, it was important to stay in the Nordic countries and to work on projects on a rotational basis. Kristina from AA Euro Croatia messaged me on LinkedIn with an offer for a H&S Advisor role and was very helpful. Eanna from the Irish office was also in constant contact with me and kept me informed with progress and feedback throughout. I’m very happy in my new role with Kirby – they appreciate my expertise and place a great emphasis on H&S. I would happily recommend AA Euro to others and have already done so to some of my former colleagues.” Sandro Mikuljan



AA Euro Recruitment had been retained to recruit a Front-End Software Developer for a large-scale multinational client which required niche, technical skills. The vacancy was with the client’s talent acquisition team, and their agency PSL, for over 9 months due to its specific requirements.

Once the role had been released to us, we outlined our client’s requirements to our European Recruiter Network. We sourced 4 candidates with a suitable technical skillset for the role in just 5 days.

Following a thorough interview process the successful candidate, a Spanish national who engaged with AA Euro Croatia had accepted an offer from our client.


EU Staffing Solutions: The Bottom Line

With our EU-wide recruitment network, we provide specialist solutions across a large range of sectors, granting you:

  • Access to our expert recruitment consultant network across Europe.
  • Identification, and sourcing of highly skilled EU National candidates.
  • Recruitment solutions to suit all requirements: permanent, temporary and contract.
  • Access to a large CV pool, allowing you to meet your unique HR requirements.
  • Bespoke, specialist solutions to meet your specific project and labour needs.

To learn more about our Specialist Recruitment Solutions, and our European Reach, click here. 

To speak with us about your recruitment needs, please get in touch with our expert recruitment consultant team below.