February Monthly Round-Up 2022 - AA Euro Group Ltd.

February Monthly Round-Up 2022

February Monthly Round-Up 2022

As the country is beginning to return to a somewhat sense of normality this Spring as restrictions continue to ease, we are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming months have in store and recapping last month’s events with our February Monthly Round-Up 2021.

October February Monthly Round-Up

Following on from almost 2 years of some of the toughest Covid-19 restrictions across Europe, Ireland is turning a page and getting ready to move forward with the realisation of living alongside Covid-19.

As workers across the nation continue to work from home, begin their return to the office, or even find themselves in remote hubs, it is business as usual for all our consultants at The AA Euro Group.

Here is our February Monthly Round-Up 2022:

  • 88% of workers admitted that they would like to work remotely in the future as almost 60% of workers would only consider applying for a job if it had a work from home capability.
  • Almost half of all Irish businesses and employees are expecting a minimum of 3% pay increase throughout 2022 as the demand for skilled workers continues to sky-rocket with 56% of employees now finding it easier to move jobs.
  • Activity in the Irish construction sector has grown again for the ninth month in a row as increased demand within the industry has seen both an increase in purchasing numbers and the level of new workers being hired.
  • Given the recent easing of restrictions, we asked our LinkedIn followers how they would like to approach the impending return to the office with 56% opting for a “Hybrid Strategy”.
  • We also recently asked our Recruitment Resourcer, Eoin McGreevy about his introduction to the recruitment industry and what tips he has for potential candidates, which you can read here.

Latest Job Vacancies

To stay informed on our latest job vacancies, from engineering roles to construction labour, visit our job vacancies listing here.

Some other positions currently on offer from our February Monthly Round-Up 2022 include:

  • MSD Team Lead
  • General Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • QA/QC Engineer
  • Transport Planner

If you fit any of these profiles, please send your CV to jobs@aaeuro.com.

We hope that you have enjoyed our February Monthly Round-Up 2022. For all your recruitment needs, get in contact with us today at info@aaeuro.com / (021) 206 6078.