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Not seeing the right job for you?

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Submit your CV and we’ll notify you when we have a good fit!

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Answers From The Experts

Our Recruitment FAQs aim to address all important aspects from both the candidate and client point of view.

AA Euro Group’s expert recruitment team have spent time crafting answers to some of the most asked questions across European Recruitment.

No matter your industry, we will try to find the perfect solution and fit for you.


We cover a wide range of industries for contract recruitment, including but not limited to engineering, construction, IT, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

Our expansive industry coverage ensures that we can match skilled professionals with the right contract positions across various sectors.

Access to a wider pool of candidates – AA Euro Group has access to a wider pool of candidates than most companies do, which can help you to find the best person for the job.

Expertise and experience – We have the expertise and experience to help you find the right candidate, and to manage the entire recruitment process.

Time and cost savings – Using AA Euro Group can save you time and money through their full-service recruitment package.

Managed Workforce Solutions (MWS) are a type of recruitment service that provides companies with a flexible workforce. MWS companies typically employ a pool of workers who are available to be placed on short-term or long-term assignments with clients.

This can be a good option for companies that need to:

  • Fill temporary vacancies
  • Increase their workforce during peak periods
  • Take on new projects
  • Reduce their HR workload


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