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Trends in Mechanical, Electrical and Engineering

With a recent upturn in roles for the sectors, we have decided to outline some key trends affecting the mechanical, electrical and engineering sectors.

As referred to in our Project Ireland 2040: Cork article, both Ireland and Cork are seeing a large increase in demand for talent in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering industries and other Engineering roles.

We have seen this in action, as the number of roles that we have received across the sectors has increased substantially.

A number of forces are at play for this. Here, we outline five key trends facing the mechanical, electrical and engineering industries in Ireland:


1. Data Centres

Due to the large number of data centres that we are seeing get developed across the globe in the last few months, we have seen a lot of roles come in that are in support of the construction of these plants.

Leading Irish mechanical and engineering contractors have been looking to retain large numbers of Electrical roles in particular.


2. Residential Projects

With construction workers being one of the first to be granted access to work during Ireland’s lockdown measures, residential projects are ongoing.

Multiple student accommodation projects are underway across the country as well as housing projects. This has generated a need for multiple Engineering roles.

The Engineering industry as a whole has experienced a large increase in labour demand for roles such as Site Engineers, Building Service Engineers, IT Support Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers and Electrical Design Engineers.

Electrical Engineering


3. Roadway Projects

A transformational Major Roads Project is planned across Ireland, set to meet sustainability and regional accessibly-related objectives – one example being the €900m M20 Cork to Limerick Motorway.

As the transport infrastructure industry develops each year, the demand for Civil, Road and Highway Engineers increases.


4. Quantity Surveyors

We are seeing a high demand for Quantity Surveyors for Electrical Projects in multiple locations across Ireland.


5. Hot Spots

Current hot spots for these roles include:

Cork, Kildare, Limerick, Dublin, Galway, Amsterdam, Paris, Scotland and across Europe.

If you are looking for a role in any of these areas, please feel free to reach out to one of expert recruiters and they can help you with your next role.

These trends in M&E and engineering roles point towards a sizeable increase in demand for this type of talent across the board.

Are you interested in a role in this sector? We welcome you to view our job vacancies or to get in touch with us today.