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Moving home for Christmas? Here is 4 reasons to call us

Moving home for Christmas? Here is 4 reasons to call us

It may be only two weeks until Christmas, however, it is not too late to make your trip one way this year. 2017 has seen incredible movements within employment and projects, with predictions for 2018 looking similar, you could not have chosen a better time to think about moving home. Skilled professionals are in massive demand in Ireland at the minute. With the capital booming other major cities such as Limerick, Waterford and Galway are also making a massive impact on construction. Cork city is thriving with multinational companies setting up all around the city. If you are starting to get home sick and you are considering making your Christmas trip a one-way trip this year? Here are four reasons to choose Euro Executive as you recruitment agency this year, let us make your return easier:

  1. We specialise in Senior & Executive roles across all of Ireland and Mainland Europe. Specialising especially in engineering, construction, manufacturing, finance and human resource.
  2. With offices throughout Ireland and Mainland Europe including Poland, Romania, France and the UK. We have roles all over Ireland and mainland Europe.
  3. We are available to meet all over the Christmas holidays to help you get your dream job for 2018.
  4. We help you improve your CV and all candidates get interview preparation.

Don’t let this year be another year of waving goodbye to family and friends at departures. Call us on +353 21 206 6078 or email Check out all our live roles, CV & interview tips here

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