4 Useful Tips for Overcoming New Job Anxiety

You made it through the interview process, you got the job, and just when you feel as if you can finally breathe again, the daunting reality of actually starting a new job sets in.

If this sounds familiar, the chances are you have encountered new job anxiety.

In this article, we will highlight the topic of new job anxiety and explore ways to quell its impact on what should be a thrilling professional milestone.


New Job Anxiety


What is New Job Anxiety?

Anxiety is what we experience when we are stressed, tense, or worried, especially when those feelings are related to upcoming events or potential future occurrences.

It is a response triggered by uncertainty and change, and there are few changes to your everyday life as significant as starting a new job.

A common phenomenon that the vast majority of us will have encountered at some point, new job anxiety can, unfortunately, detract from the excitement and sense of achievement of securing a new role.


4 Useful Tips for Overcoming New Job Anxiety


1) Practice Routine and Organisation

Establishing the right routine can do wonders for your stress and anxiety. It can help you to feel more productive and focused, and in the context of starting a new job, less uncertain.

Similarly, being organised can calm your nerves and help you to feel more confident ahead of your start date and beyond.

In the lead up to your start date, we recommend familiarising yourself with your new routine.

Researching and even doing a trial run of your new commute, deciphering where you will park or go for lunch, and planning what you will wear can make those initial days and weeks less daunting.

The vast amount of information and new responsibilities you attempt to absorb in the early weeks of a new position can also be overwhelming and a trigger for anxiety.

Practicing good organisational habits will help you to remain grounded and on top of that to-do list.

Here are some simple workplace organisation tips that make a difference!

  1. Take fifteen minutes to plan out your day
  2. Make lists and prioritse tasks by their importance
  3. Set long and short-term goals and track your progress
  4. Try productivity apps such as Todoist to help you manage your time
  5. Keep your workplace clean and limit distractions
  6. Take frequent breaks to remain focused


2) Try Self-Affirmation

New job anxiety can often be rooted in worries of not being good enough or bouts of imposter syndrome.

Having imposter syndrome is broadly characterised by strong feelings of self-doubt and questioning the validity of your own position.

Approximately 70% of us have been affected by imposter syndrome at one time or another.

Practicing self-affirmation can be an incredibly effective technique for conquering feelings of self-doubt.

This can be as simple as reminding yourself why you got the job in the first place. You beat out all the other candidates through your skills, experience, and suitability for the role.

Additionally, reframing your thoughts can be a powerful exercise for coping with new job anxiety.

You will not be expected to know everything. Therefore, instead of thinking you will not be knowledgeable enough to perform your new role, try to frame it as an exciting opportunity to learn new skills.


3) Personalise your Workspace

As new job anxiety is attributed to the unknown, you should dedicate as much time as possible to familiarising yourself with your new environment.

Personalising your workspace can provide an instant morale boost. Try adding family photos, desk plants, professional accolades, your favourite mug, and more.

Adding that personal touch to your new workspace can really help accelerate the acclimatisation process and get you feeling comfortable.

It is also imperative to set the right ergonomic conditions for your new workstation.

Ensuring your chair provides the right support, your computer is at the right height, and the lighting and temperature suit your personal needs will go a long way toward making you comfortable and effective.


New Job Anxiety


4) Give yourself Time

Our final piece of advice is to give yourself time to adjust.

You will not know everything straight away nor will you be expected to. It can also take time to adjust to your new company’s culture and to form relationships with colleagues.

According to Human Panel, it can take a new employee up to eight months to achieve full productivity. Thus, it is worth keeping your expectations in check by reminding yourself that you are new to the position and that learning takes time.

Try to stay positive, practice patience, and remember – you are allowed to make mistakes.


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