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How to Handle a Counter-Offer

How to Handle a Counter-Offer You’ve made up your mind. You’re excited about your new role. You’ve been offered a higher salary and the benefits of a company culture that is more in tune with your needs and wants in
Workplace Diversity

The Importance of Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity is a term that covers cultural and individual differences that prevail in the workplace. Differences such as age, gender, race and orientation can all fall under the umbrella of workplace diversity. It forms an inclusive work environment. It
Candidate Experience

How to Audit your Candidate Experience

The candidate experience of poorly designed career pages, limited communication with hiring managers alongside lowball offers is no longer the norm now commonplace. In today's competitive market, job candidates know that they are in high demand and in turn expect

Your Workplace: Transforming how you learn

Without realising we are always learning. Informally or in a formal setting our minds are always being challenged with something new. Starting a new job in a new workplace or new challenge can bring with it some new opportunities to
New Job

Why are you afraid of getting a new job?

Switching to a new job can be a stressful life experience. The Holmes Rahe Stress Scale indicates that it is one of the 20 most stressful things that can happen in your lifetime. Change can bring with it the fear

Cork City and its Ever-Rising Potential

With the population in Cork City growing by the day, the current range of infrastructure projects are a beacon of hope for the future of Cork City. It is of utmost importance to both the residents in Cork City as