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Our Step by Step Guide to Effective Job Hunting

Step 1: Find out about the jobs in the location you are or wish to live

When beginning the job hunting process one of the best places to start is by researching. Determine the area you wish to work in and determine the various roles in that industry in your area. Look at what skills and qualifications they require and how many of these have you got, or can you up-skill and learn? What types of businesses or organisations are offering jobs in your industry? Research these and find out more about their business profiles.

Step 2: Update your CV

Updating your CV is a vital part of any job search. This can be done by tailoring your CV to the job specifications for each role you intend to apply for. Highlight key areas of the job specification and determine which of the past projects or experiences are best suited to highlight your ability for that requirement.

Step 3: Update your social media profiles

This is an often overlooked by people looking for jobs. If you are looking for a role in marketing, it would be expected of you to have active accounts that discuss the latest in digital marketing. If you are applying for a role where your accounts wouldn’t be necessary, they will still be reviewed by recruiters because they can determine your level of professionalism online. Make sure that either you keep your personal profiles private or keep it professional online. Be sensible. Recruiters are also on the look out for candidates via LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is fully completed and up to date.

Step 4: Search for suitable jobs and contact recruiters

Contacting a recruiter can be a great first step. They provide career advice, CV tips and interview tips making them a vital asset to your job-hunting journey. In addition to this recruiter websites often have a range of jobs posted which will help you. It is also advisable to use larger job search engines such as indeed.

Step 5: Prepare and practice for job interviews

Websites like Glassdoor provide great tools to search for the most commonly asked questions for any given role or company. Job some of these down and prepare your answers in advance. The more you do in advance the better prepared you will be when the time comes to interview in person. Also jot down any appropriate questions you would like to ask as part of the interview process.

Step 6: Monitor your progress

Using a spreadsheet such as the one below is a great way to monitor and track your progress. Often when applying for several jobs it can get confusing as to which CV was sent to who and why. This is a great way of keeping track for yourself but also monitoring and learning as you progress.



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