Recruitment Insights from Eoin McGreevy

Starting in December 2021 with AA Euro Group, Eoin McGreevy is a Recruitment Resourcer with a particular focus on roles across Safety, Engineering, & Surveying.

Eoin has a keen focus on all things Construction and helps to source the best talent within the industry across Ireland, The UK, and Europe whilst providing help to our consultants within the sector.

Read on as Eoin gives us an insight into his work and background within recruitment.

Meet the Recruiter 2022: Eoin McGreevy


Eoin has previously graduated with a degree in Business from Munster Technological University (MTU), previously known as Cork Institute of Technology, and began undertaking recruitment-based modules throughout his studies.

In his spare time, Eoin is involved with both his local soccer and GAA clubs in Co. Cork whilst also having a keen interest in golf and basketball.

Having gained initial experience through HR modules in college, Eoin decided that this was the industry most suited to him and is looking forward to enhancing his skillset as he progresses.

Speaking of why he chose a career in recruitment, Eoin says “After studying a variety of modules in college, it became clear to me that this was the path that was meant for me. I enjoy every aspect of the recruitment process and helping to find candidates for the roles that are perfect for both their and our client’s needs is highly satisfying, and I can’t wait to continue my recruitment career with AA Euro”.

Favourite Quote: “Are you a different animal and the same beast?”.


Eoin’s Candidate Insights

Eoin is relatively new to the recruitment industry and is keen on continuing to help people progress in both their professional and personal lives through his recruitment practices, outlining “I am proud of how much I have learned since starting and seeing candidates that I have helped source progressing with interviews and roles, creating a great relationship with both the candidate and potential employer along the way”.

As the trends in recruitment shift from the more traditional practices of posting job advertisements on websites towards establishing a robust social media presence and personal network, the role of a resourcer has become more important than ever.

Within his role, Eoin encounters a large volume of CVs as he aims to aid our candidates along the recruitment process and has stated, “The main thing I would look for is the relevant experience the candidate has for the role they are going for. After that, I would look for relevant qualifications.

Fun Fact: Eoin’s favourite TV show is The Office (US version)

Jobseeker Advice

We asked Eoin what his best advice would be for job seekers in 2022 as people continue their job search, and he says “To search for a job that makes the most sense to your own individual situation. By doing this, they are more likely to enjoy that job and in turn produce better quality work”.

Eoin was also speaking of what he thinks will be some of the most influential future trends in the recruitment industry, outlining “the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a major switch to online recruitment, as the entire process can take place from your computer screen

Speaking of some of the biggest challenges he faces when sourcing new candidates, Eoin says “I have noticed that people don’t understand how to evaluate themselves when applying for new positions. Some candidates tend to undersell themselves while others have the opposite problem”.


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