Recruitment Insights from Martha Brackett

Starting in November 2021 with AA Euro Group, Martha Brackett is a Recruitment Resourcer with a particular focus on roles such as Project Managers, Construction Managers, & Project Leads.

Martha has a keen focus on Mechanical, Electrical, & Data Centre roles across Ireland, The UK, and Europe and has the responsibility of sourcing and connecting potential candidates with our team of recruitment consultants.

Read on as Martha gives us an insight into her work and background in the recruitment industry.

Meet the Recruiter 2022: Martha Brackett

Recruitment Insights

Martha initially graduated university with a degree in Biochemistry and began her working career in the same industry whilst living abroad in Vancouver for 10 years following her time in college.

In her spare time, Martha enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends, while she also says that making the move back to Ireland during the pandemic was one of her best.

Martha’s experience in recruitment began in Canada when she began aiding HR processes within a construction company and she felt that this role had become more suited to her own personality and skillset.

Speaking of why she chose to pursue a career in Recruitment, Martha says “I had a small bit of exposure to recruitment in my previous roles and really enjoyed interacting with candidates and helping find people who were the right fit for the company. It is very satisfying helping someone get to where they want to be and I wanted to explore that more,  I am delighted to be delving into the world of recruitment with AA Euro!”.

Favourite Quote: “Keep Smiling”.

Martha’s Candidate Insights

Despite being relatively new to the recruitment industry Martha has encountered a number of different challenges since beginning at the AA Euro Group, stating that “I am relatively new to recruitment but I am definitely proud of how much I have learned since starting and seeing candidates I have helped source progressing with interviews and in their new job roles”.

As the trends in recruitment shift from the more traditional practices of posting job advertisements on websites towards establishing a robust social media presence and personal network, the role of a recruitment resourcer has become more important than ever.

Given Martha is responsible for sourcing a large pool of candidates to fulfill our client’s vacancies across a number of industries, she reviews a considerable amount of CVs. When asked for her top CV tips for candidates, Martha said “It is great to see detail on the candidates relevant experience so the info is easily accessible to us and our clients”.

Fun Fact: Martha became a Canadian citizen in 2020.

Jobseeker Advice

We asked Martha what her best advice would be for job seekers in 2022 as people continue their job search, and she says as well as highlighting your experience and achievements, “just be yourself, your personality, and how you would fit in with the client’s team is just as interesting to the interviewer”.

Martha also outlined how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the future of the recruitment industry, stating “remote working is here to stay, the general feeling I have gotten from potential candidates is that they would prefer some model of working from home whether that be a hybrid-approach or the ability to stay remote full-time”.

Speaking of some of the biggest challenges she faces when sourcing new candidates, Martha says “it can be difficult at times if you are not getting a lot of traction from potential candidates you are reaching out to but perseverance is key, once you get chatting to the right people, everything starts to fall into place”.

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