Recruitment Insights from David Glavin

David Glavin is a Senior Consultant with AA Euro Group and also focuses on the commercial side of recruitment. In this profile, David tells us about his career in recruitment along with the latest recruitment insights.

Recruitment Insights: David Glavin

Recruitment Insights from David Glavin

David started out his career in recruitment with Hays in the UK and spent 3 years honing his skills covering the accounting and senior finance recruitment positions. He returned to Cork and joined AA Euro and has since expanded his recruitment expertise including upskilling to cover a variety of sectors.

Speaking of his biggest passion when it comes to recruitment, David says “seeing the people you place progressing in their own careers, it is great to look back on candidates you placed in a role and see them get promoted”. David also highlights his own personal drive comes from the progression that is possible in his own role, with endless opportunities available at AA Euro Group.

When it comes to his biggest achievement from his career so far, he says:

“It is hard to pinpoint one. I get a lot of satisfaction from winning tenders that I have led on and seeing the bottom line return to the business as a result. I was awarded the UK Associate of the year with Hays when I joined them all the way back in 2016. That counts for something right!?”.

Motto:  “Live every day as if it’s your last” …. You never know when it will be.


Market Trends

recruitment insights from david glavin

“The world of work is always evolving, there has been much change due to disruptive technology that creates new and more efficient ways of doing things but the biggest catalyst for change in my time has been the global pandemic, this has been a roller coaster of change.”

“Companies and people adapted to new ways of interviewing, onboarding and working remotely. I think in time the counties outside of Dublin will see more and more people returning home on the back of flexible working. Which is great for rural economies and smaller cities in Ireland.”

“Looking at the bigger picture we are seeing more clients now casting a European wide net when searching for candidates which throws weight behind the argument for further specialisation in your own chosen career path”.


Candidate Insights

recruitment insights from david glavin

We asked David what makes a candidate stand out in their job application, which he considers to be:

  1. Clean up your CV – this is the first point of contact between you and a hiring manager/recruiter. Tidying up your CV, keeping it short and sweet, and utilise all available white space.
  2. Ask Engaging Questions – This will help you stand out for the hiring manager. Candidates at this stage all have the required skillset so now it could be down to the personality fit.
  3. Overthinking – many candidates overthink the interview process, making them nervous. This is an opportunity for you to see if you like the company as much as it is to see if the company or hiring manager likes you.

When it comes to the traits and qualities employers are looking for, the Senior Consultant says:

“This depends on the size of the organisation usually SME’s want people who can wear multiple hats on different days, a more generalist approach. In contrast, multinationals want very specialised skillsets, pick your target market.”


Job Seeker Advice for 2021

recruitment insights from david glavin

When asked to provide some recruitment insights for job seekers/workers in 2021, David says:

“Get out there the market is hopping right now with a lot of opportunities for progression. In 2021 I am seeing a lot of candidates with a weather the storm mindset. You might miss a great move as a result.”


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