Recruitment Insights from Darren O’Keeffe

Darren O’Keeffe is a Senior Recruitment Consultant with AA Euro Group and also focuses on the M&E market as well alongside a number of consultancy-based positions. In this profile, Darren tells us about his career in recruitment along with the latest recruitment insights.

Recruitment Insights: Darren O’Keeffe

Recruitment Insights

Darren graduated from CIT with a Level 8 Degree in Business Studies. He started out his career in recruitment with the AA Euro Group as a resourcer 4 years ago and has progressed to his current role in that time.

When it comes to one of his biggest passions about the recruitment industry, Darren says “The most reward gained personally from recruitment is being able to fulfill a client’s requirements. When a client comes asking for help and you are able to successfully match a candidate to their requirements is very satisfying”. Darren also highlights his own personal drive results from the number of opportunities for growth that are available in his job role at AA Euro.

Talking about his career in the recruitment industry thus far, Darren outlines his biggest achievement as:

“Recruitment is largely known to be a tough industry to survive. Thankfully after 4 years I am still here and enjoying the ups and downs that come with it”

Motto:  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” 


Market Trends

Recruitment Insights

“Work-life has changed hugely over the past year or so. Covid has meant companies have had to rethink the way do things. This has resulted in remote working, rotating teams in offices, conducting meetings on Zooms, etc.”

“This is not necessarily a bad thing. Companies will need to remain somewhat open-minded as we come out the other side of the pandemic in order to maintain and attract the best talent.”

“Employees will seek certain elements of remote working.  However, what we are finding is people do still want to get to the office a few days a week and maintain a certain level of interaction with colleagues and seniors. Perhaps a blend of both could be something that we see a lot more of into the future.”


Candidate Insights

Recruitment Insights

We asked Darren what makes a candidate become more noticeable in their job application. Here are his top tips:

  1. Personality – Candidates are often primarily focused on selling their skills and don’t often get the type of person they are across in their applications or CV. It is important for a potential recruit to create a personal connection.
  2. Culture Fit – Now, more than ever, hiring managers are looking for people who can fit into the culture of a particular organisation. If businesses can create these desirable environments, employee retention increases.
  3. Be Careful With your CV – Candidates are seeming to be throwing their CVs in everywhere in an attempt to find any sort of job. It is important that job seekers are careful with their CVs to create value and highlight their genuine interests.

When it comes to the traits and qualities employers are looking for, the Senior Recruitment Consultant says:

“Team player, chip in where needed. Encourage others and don’t leave people behind, try to bring people along with you.”


Job Seeker Advice for 2021

Recruitment Insights

After being asked to provide some recruitment insights for job seekers and workers in 2021, Darren states:

“The market is picking up and options are becoming far more plentiful again. Candidates should take the time to consider their options and not rush into positions or companies in a panic.”


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