Recruitment Insights from Kevin Hallissey

Kevin Hallissey is a Senior Recruitment Consultant with AA Euro Group with a focus on the construction market across Ireland and the UK. In this profile, Kevin tells us about his career in recruitment along with the latest recruitment insights.

Recruitment Insights: Kevin Hallisey

Recruitment Insights Kevin Hallissey

Kevin graduated from CIT with a Level 8 Degree in Sport and Exercise, followed by completing a Masters Degree in Marketing after this. He started with AA Euro group in 2016 as a Recruitment Resourcer before advancing to his current position today.

When it comes to deciding on one of the biggest passions that drives Kevin within the recruitment industry, he says “When it comes to recruitment, the main thing for me is finding the right person for the culture of our clients who will fit in and progress within the company. For me, driving past a project that has been completed by one of our clients and having placed a candidate for each project is rewarding for me personally”. Kevin also outlines that the range of opportunities that can present themselves from hard work within the recruitment industry is a major motivating factor.

Talking of some of the major aspects of his career and personal achievements within the recruitment sector, Kevin says:

“My biggest achievement so far would be working with the clients we have, developing relationships with each client, and maintaining their relationships to date”.

Motto: “If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail”.

Market Trends

Recruitment Insights Kevin Hallissey

“I think over the last number of years, companies have started to understand more and more that they must look after their own staff more as the talent pool is decreasing”.

“Following that, this year companies have just realised that Covid has allowed each organisation to rethink how they do things, a lot more meetings will be held through online platforms, and working from home 1-2 days a week will probably be the norm going forward”.

“For me, I personally think that in construction, projects completed, values of these projects along with personalising the CV is the current market trends in what employers look for when it comes to applying for positions”.


Candidate Insights

Recruitment Insights Kevin Hallissey

We asked Kevin for some insights into what makes a candidate stand out in their job application. Some of his top tips are:

  1. Being a Team Player –  This is one of the key attributes that employers tend to look for when they are searching for a new candidate.
  2. Honesty – This is another major factor for recruiters, ensuring that a candidate is honest about his/her work and credentials helps to build a trusting relationship from the start.

Kevin also outlined some common mistakes he often encounters from candidates, including:

  1. Not Being 100% Certain – Many candidates look to move when they are not fully bought into moving. We see a lot of counteroffers from current employers and 90% of the candidates who receive counteroffers will move on from the company within 12 months of this.
  2. Lack of Care – Candidates sending their CVs to numerous agencies and in turn have the CV sent out to companies through several agencies. This looks bad on the candidate as it comes across as unprofessional that several agencies are passing on the CV to the same client.



Job Seeker Advice for 2021

Recruitment Insights Kevin Hallissey

Following on from this, Kevin was asked to provide some jobseeker advice for candidates striving to secure a job in the current market, he says:

“Just be honest when applying to any recruiter and be 100% certain that you want to move for the right reasons”.


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