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Remote Hire Recruitment Solutions

A fundamental shift is occurring within work management structures. This has created a new normal that will see remote hires and working become increasingly prominent.

It’s now commonplace to see organisations rolling out fully remote or partial remote working structures. An assumption exists that remote working is detrimental to operations, though recent months have shown this to be untrue in many cases with remote working associated with increases in productivity as outlined in our Future of Work article.

Not only has this represented a change for organisations on a domestic basis, but it has also unlocked new talent pools in the form of the international remote working community.

In recognising the role that remote working plays in today’s working economy, Euro Executive now provides dedicated remote hire solutions that include remote work management transition support.

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Remote Hire Solutions

We understand that recruiting for remote-based professionals comes with a number of additional considerations and challenges that do not exist in traditional recruitment.

To address these concerns, we provide full transitional support to develop a robust work management process.

Our core remote hire services include:

  • Access to a highly-skilled, remote working talent pool.
  • A network of dedicated remote recruiters throughout the EU.
  • Identification and shortlisting of highly skilled remote professionals.
  • Full handling of employment contracts and payroll for new remote hires.
  • Support for the creation of new remote management procedures.
  • Assistance with the development of remote work infrastructures and systems.


Our Experience

Euro Executive has the unique capabilities to source talent from anywhere in Europe, including the EU-wide remote professional network, with offices across the EU including Croatia, Poland and Romania among others.

All of our European offices are strategically located within regional economic hubs (with links to many of the world’s most acclaimed technical universities and institutions, read more here).

This gives us access to highly-skilled, educated talent pools, and with many of our European recruitment consultants being multilingual, our reach goes beyond our office bases and across the entire European Union.

Our expertise, paired with our far-reaching abilities to source candidates from across the entire European continent, make us well equipped to be your dedicated recruitment partner for the provision of remote talent.

Below is one of many instances where we have successfully sourced remote working professionals for our clients:


“I’m from Spain and was seeking a remote-based Software Engineer role in the 3D Graphics industry. I’ve worked remotely in previous roles and feel I am more productive and happier overall in this work environment. I now work for a multinational company in Cork City in Ireland from Spain and am very happy with my new role. I have had a very positive experience with AA Euro – they are very talented, efficient and diligent and can find you a suitable job in no time to cover your expectations. They’re a great company to work with, whether a candidate or company, as I have also interviewed people sourced by AA Euro. Most of the candidates they source are highly skilled, so this saved me countless wasted hours interviewing non-suitable candidates.”

– Bruno Pedrosa López



“My name is Kevin and I’m a Full Stack Developer from Hungary. I have already worked remotely for the last year and enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to work with many different clients, and I save on commute time. While it’s good to meet in person from time to time, the flexibility of remote work is much better suited to me than a formal office environment. I will soon be working for a Cork City-based multinational company, an opportunity that I found with the help of AA Euro. I have had an extremely pleasant experience with this agency, and David is a top-notch recruitment consultant too. The recruitment process was smooth and prompt, and I would recommend AA Euro Recruitment to anyone else who is looking to develop their remote-based career.”

– Kevin Barta


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