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All Roads No Longer Lead To Dublin (CIF Conference 2017)

All Roads No Longer Lead To Dublin

4 key take away points from the Construction Industry Federation Conference 2017

Having attended the Annual Construction Industry Federation’s Conference in Croke Park yesterday, there were some key take away points from the Conference.

Bringing together the key stakeholders from the entire national construction eco-system, the CIF’s Annual Conference 2017 looked to the future of the industry.

  1. NDP: Infrastructure, education, housing, sport and broadband

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke interestingly on the importance of utilising and removing height caps in Dublin, the capital city. Varadkar went into detail on the National Development Plan, how he favours a measured phased approach, addressing imbalances one step at a time, and continually improving on critical measures for development.

Namely infrastructure, education, housing, sport and broadband, all key components of the National Development Plan. What Varadkar, and in fact most people speaking at the conference, echoed was the need for patience, sustainability and opportunity. “We must learn from previous mistakes, where fast track solutions, poor foresight, and reckless allocations have cost us dearly.”

  1. All roads will no longer go to Dublin

Varadkar promised that all roads will no longer lead to Dublin announcing today in Cork that the M20 will link Cork to Limerick and on to Galway. A major part of next capital plan.

  1. A 10 year plan

There is a 10 year plan, where public investment is among the highest in the EU with €4.1 billion in capital investment in the next 4 years.

  1. Build upwards not outwards

Similarly Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy called for the sustainability model to be upheld. Vacant lots in prime city centre locations, as well as building upwards as opposed to outwards are critical to prevent mistakes of the past.

What was most encouraging about the Conference was the collective effort and opportunities available for the population, as more and more good news comes for the industry. As stated by Tom Costello Head of Construction IPUT, ‘Collaboration is the Key to Success.

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