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Simple 10 Step Job Hunter Checklist for Christmas

Simple 10 Step Job Hunter Checklist for Christmas

You might have your Christmas shopping checklist prepared and are ticking off each task one by one, but there is another checklist that you can have ready – your ‘new job’ checklist for January.

In the construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors, there are so many new roles coming up in January and employers are interviewing now for start dates in January. If you are thinking of changing roles in the New Year, we have a simple 10 step checklist to help get you and your CV ready for the year ahead.


 Your CV

  1. Is your personal summary detailed enough? Does it describe what you do, your experience and some personality traits?


  1. Is your employment history in the correct order history with your most recent role first?


  1. Are you contact details (phone number, email address and a link to your LinkedIn profile) listed on your CV?


  1. Consider listing your hobbies, interests and anything you feel passionately about to spark conversation.


  1. Read our blog on 5 steps to make your CV stand out.


6.Know your CV inside and out. Your CV will be the one thing that forms the basis for the interview. Don’t let anything in your CV come as a surprise to you. In advance, practice talking out loud about each of the roles listed on your CV.


  1. Know the history of the company that you are interviewing for. Look at their website and see if there is an ‘About Us’ section.


  1. If you know the names of the interviewers, look them up on LinkedIn in advance.


  1. Sell yourself: Tell the employer what you can bring to the position and why you are so eager to work for their company.


  1. Thank the interviewer for taking time out of their time to meet you.


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