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Cork City and its Ever-Rising Potential

With the population in Cork City growing by the day, the current range of infrastructure projects are a beacon of hope for the future of Cork City.

It is of utmost importance to both the residents in Cork City as well as commuters to see Cork rising. The developments hold huge potential for Cork and will transform the city in a variety of ways. It will also help improve the international reputation of Cork bringing it closer to being a fantastic city to live, work and play.

Penrose Dock

There are three major city developments happening now in Cork that have huge potential. The €125 million development of Penrose Dock will provide an excellent opportunity to transform the landscape of this area of the city. The 250,000sq ft. office space will be attractive to a range of companies in sectors such as technology and finance and holds the promise of creating even more employment opportunities in Cork City.

Horgan’s Quay

Horgan’s Quay which is an ambitious €160 million investment in the city also holds huge potential. With the proposal promising over 200 apartments, office space with the capacity to hold 5000 staff and a 136-bedroom hotel, this comes as a major investment in Cork City. With housing a current major issue in Cork City, particularly in the city centre, the apartments are a strongly welcomed start at impacting the residential and property issues within the city centre. The state of the art amenities that Cork City will gain from this development will be a major boost to the local population and the economy.

Clontarf Street

In another investment on Clontarf street, a €20 million investment in a 5,900sq ft. 15-story triangular office building is set to bring even more companies to Cork boosting the economy and city once again.

With serious investment being brought to the development of Cork City it is important to note the range of major infrastructure projects also underway in Cork. These provide added support to those commuting to and from the city for work and will help relieve the city of its current congestion issues.

Dunkettle Interchange

A welcomed infrastructure project is that of a €100 million investment in the Dunkettle interchange. This is set to begin in early 2019. As it currently stands the interchange is largely described by locals as a bottleneck of traffic. Funding to tackle this area of the city has long been campaigned for. With plans for the interchange to be redesigned with the traffic lights removed. This will allow for traffic to move more freely and ease congestion from all approaches to the interchange.

M28 Cork to Ringaskiddy

Another long campaigned for infrastructure project has also been given the green light in Cork. The €220 million investment in the M28 Cork to Ringaskiddy motorway has been long awaited. Regionally this provides required infrastructure from the port and range of industries situated around Ringaskiddy. With Brexit looming this is an excellent opportunity for Cork to make its port more attractive to direct shipping from other areas in the European Union.


Another bottleneck being tackled in the area is in Macroom on the N22. This is being tackled with a €215 investment in a dual carriageway to bypass Macroom. With construction set to begin in 2020 the Transport Infrastructure Ireland group have stated that they will aim to have the project brought forward to 2019 if possible. The project is set to include 18 local road bridges, a series of roundabouts, 24 farm overpasses and underpasses and bridges over 3 rivers and the diversion of the River Owengarve. The project will likely be completed by 2023.

Ballinglanna Development – Glanmire

Alongside the city developments and infrastructure projects in the city, residential projects are also starting to pick up. One example of this is the Ballinglanna development in Glanmire which is set to provide 608 homes. It comes as the first housing development outside of the capital to receive planning permission under the new fast tracked planning under the new ‘Strategic Housing Development Scheme’. The plan has additional features including a crèche, a reservation for a 16-classroom school and a retail unit. This is a welcomed development in the city.

Although the investment in Cork City is set to see an increase in employment opportunities and improve traffic congestion within the city, housing is still a pressing issue. The current rate of development within the residential sector is not meeting the needs of the population both nationally and in Cork City. We hope to see more announcements of residential developments as soon as possible to continue seeing Cork as a city rising.


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