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Thinking of Working in Europe?

Thinking of Working in Europe?

A current trend I’ve noticed is that Irish companies are taking on more and more work across Europe. It is both exciting and fantastic to see Irish companies represented so well across Mainland Europe. They seek highly skilled employees to go and work on these projects, and I have identified three possible benefits for candidates to consider, before going working in Europe.

Exposure to huge projects:

Firstly the exposure you receive on project scale, size and procedures is invaluable. Just some of the projects we are currently working on include a €1 billion bio – pharma plant, a €500 million data center for one of the world’s largest tech companies, and a €400 million pharmaceutical development. To get the opportunity to work on these projects, alongside specialist, subject matter experts, gives you the chance to develop your skill set as well as forge and develop contacts in their field of choice.

Broaden your mind:

Secondly you have a great opportunity to travel, experience new cultures, and sample a new way of life. In certain professions and roles, some people will never get the opportunity to see the world, if they are looking to develop in their career. And it’s not only travel but you  are also afforded the opportunity to improve social and communication skills, getting real life education, and developing relationships into the future.

The Package:

The final reason, I have identified, is the lucrative packages on offer if you are willing to work on these European projects. Firstly, and in my opinion the most attractive aspect, is to have accommodation provided by your employer. The cost of rent, house prices and mortgages, in Ireland have seen unimaginable growth. Conservative estimates in Dublin for example, have seen prices increase by up to 70% over the past five years. As well as accommodation, provided with the European vacancies companies also offer two flights per month, transport to and from work, and a daily subsistence allowance, all enabling further savings on generous above industry salaries.

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