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Three Tips for a Successful Job Search in January

There are three things we know for sure that happens in January. We all made resolutions and broke some, we all made a post-Christmas diet plan and we know it’s time to act on that job search and change we kept talking about last year. Now is the perfect time to be looking for a change and with our three tips for a successful job search in January, we can help with your goals. Three Tips for a Successful Job Search in January AA Euro

Evaluate your Goals

Before starting your job search, the first step is to be clear with what you are looking for. Try making a list of what your new your priorities are; are you looking for more flexible hours,  complete career change or a lateral move? Write down what you don’t want either. This will help to find your no go’s before you even start applying which will save you time!).

Audit your skills

You’re now clear on what you want and what you don’t want. The next step is to evaluate your skill set and experience. Be honest with yourself here, and ask a family member, friend or colleague to review your skills and experience, they could even help by offering skills or qualities that you yourself didn’t consider or think we as important.

It’s not often that you will have all the required skills or experience for a job, so highlight related strengths and discuss your willingness to learn any new skills required. Soft skills are becoming more valued in the workplace, these can range from being a great communicator to developing leadership qualities and much more.

Ready your resources

Your goals are set, you know what you want and have set your expectations accordingly. Getting your CV job-ready is one of the most important, if not most important things you can do as a potential candidate. Think back to when you last updated your CV. Add in all recent accomplishments, projects and milestones and remove anything that’s no longer relevant. Review your CV with a red pen, making final edits and small changes. With a couple iterations, you’ll be good to go.

Your cover letter is also important and can often be overlooked. It’s important to have a clear and concise cover letter tailored to the company and position you are applying for, no one wants to read a generic cover letter. The cover letter is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to a company to stand out in a sea of other applicants.

The last step is preparing for the interview stage. Do some research on the company, create a list of questions you’d like to ask them in the interview as well. Tell them what you like about their company and why you think you’d be a good fit. Interviews can be the most stressful part of the job search, see our interview tips here.


You’ve now read our three tips for a successful job search in January. You are now ready to start your job search, click here to see our current listings. Get in touch with us today at 021 2066578 or 051 355 704. Alternatively, you can email us at We have a European reach with offices in six different European countries, we can match you to a job anywhere in Europe.