10 Things You Can Do to Get Promoted in Your Workplace

When you’ve worked for an organisation for a long length of time and have demonstrated considerable work ethic in your role, you may be reaching a point where you want to progress your career and be promoted. Here, we outline 10 things you can do to get promoted in your workplace.


1. Visible Contributions

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When seeking progression, it’s important that management within your organisation are aware of your contributions to operations. The value added by what you do in your role must be visually apparent, showing the direct correlation between your work and positive operational outcomes.


2. Leadership

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Greater responsibilities will often entail certain elements of leadership. Show that you are a role model to your colleagues and can be responsible for leading and motivating within your current role when the opportunity arises. Being a positive presence in the workplace is infectious and can be all it takes to motivate others.


3. Efficiency


By showing you can get high-quality work completed in an efficient manner and within deadlines is a key contributor to being considered for promotion. If possible, consider ways for you to improve your output while maintaining quality.


4. Constructive Feedback

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It’s important to be open to constructive criticism, as this is all with the view to improvement. Demonstrating an ability to take on board advice shows that you take your development seriously and are willing to do what it takes to progress.


5. Maturity


Having emotional intelligence and the maturity to navigate situations in the right way is very important, including how you respond to being under pressure, along with how you communicate with your colleagues.


6. Team Work

Team Work

Appreciate how every employee is a contributor to your organisation’s operational ecosystem, all with important roles. While autonomy is valued, it’s vital that you have a positive outlook in collaborating for operational goals, too.


7. Peer Learning

Peer Learning

A great starting point is to take note of those who have recently progressed in their roles. Understand the particular attributes and contributions that they have brought to the table, as these are likely desirable to management.


8. Problem-Solving


Sometimes it’s not about what your organisation is doing, but about what it’s not doing. Workplaces, management and employees are faced with problems on the daily, but the ability to not only identify these problems, but to address them with real solutions is a highly valued trait to management.


9. Professional Conduct

man wearing watch with black suit

Consider how you conduct yourself professionally both within your workplace and in your network (i.e. LinkedIn) and make sure you are a positive organisational ambassador both internally and externally.


10. Timing


At the end of the day, timing is everything, so it’s important not to fixate on the idea of being promoted. There is a time and place for this type of discussion, and in many cases it will be brought up by your employer when the time is right.

When you feel it is appropriate, you can begin this conversation, but rather than fixating on progression, focus your efforts on being the best that you can be as a professional and course – every day is a school day for us all.


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