5 Questions to Ask After an Interview

Job interviews can be dynamic, but there are some aspects you can expect to always encounter. It is almost customary for the interviewer to finish an interview with “do you have any questions?”.

Replying “no” is missing your last opportunity to leave a positive impression on the interviewer. The interviewer may be using this section to gauge your actual interest in the job. If you don’t ask a question/questions the interviewer might be lacking the engagement they want from a potential new employee.

Asking strong, insightful questions will not only differentiate you from other candidates but also determine if you would like to work in this prospective business. This lets the interviewer know that you have done your research, while also giving the interviewer an insight into your personality. 

Preparing questions about the role and the company itself could be your key to success. Don’t ask questions that you think you could answer with a quick glance at the company website and instead do your research and come up with thought-provoking questions for the interviewer.

As a guide, we have outlined 5 questions worth asking after an interview:


1. How Would You Describe The Company’s Culture?

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This question helps to get a broad sense of the company’s philosophy and how it could treat its employees. This will also help you gain insights into the company’s working culture and how employees relate to each other at the company. Determining if you are comfortable and suited to a company environment will be key in gaining job satisfaction in the long term.


2. What Do You Like Most About Working For This Company?

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This type of question allows you to create a sense of friendship with the interviewer. The interviewer just like anyone wants to talk about something they are comfortable with. This also helps you gain insights into some of the major benefits of a new job.


3. What Could I Expect On An Average Day?

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This shows the interviewer that you are eager for this position. It also gives you a good idea of what the job is like to decide if you want to pursue this opportunity further. This will outline what skills are needed on a daily basis and determine your suitability for the job.


4. How Do You Determine Success Here?

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Understanding how a potential new company measures its successes is important from the start. This helps you realise what is required to advance both personally and professionally at this prospective new workplace. This will help you to decide if the employer’s values and culture align with your own.


5. Where Do You See This Company In 3 Years And How Could I Contribute? 


Asking a question of this kind will outline to the interviewer that you are looking at the bigger picture. This highlights that you would be willing to stay at the company long-term and are looking to grow the company and yourself together.

Ultimately, having thoughtful questions ready is a very important step of any interview process. Remember, the interviewer is expecting to answer questions just as much as you are, so make sure to prepare questions to highlight your research and interest in the job. This will help achieve a good lasting impression which is important in today’s dynamic job market. 

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