5 Great Benefits of Working in Construction

5 Great Benefits of Working in Construction

The construction sector has been a vital part of Ireland’s economy over our recent history and looks set to continue this trend over the coming years with an expected growth rate of 15% in 2021 after the effects of the pandemic with the construction sector accounting for 20% of all enterprises in Ireland.

The Irish construction sector has an estimated value of €18 billion with that figure expected to grow over the coming years, with the industry continuing to grow steadily after the end of the recession in the country. The most recent figures highlight that there are over 150,000 construction workers in Ireland, and with the current projected growth rate, there will be a requirement for additional manpower in the industry over the coming years.

Plans such as Project Ireland 2040, a €116 billion project to build and shape Ireland’s future through areas such as housing, infrastructure, education, and environmental issues, and much more, are very exciting projects for the construction industry. These projects help in outlining the importance of the industry not only in today’s economic climate but in the predicted forecast as well as helping to provide a sense of certainty to the industry.

With this in mind, here are 5 of the current benefits of working in the Irish construction industry:

1. Continued Growth

Benefits of Working in Construction

While the threat of Brexit is casting a looming shadow over a lot of industries and raising some doubts, the construction sector has grown from strength to strength in recent months with no signs of slowing down. Construction activity has ramped up massively since lockdown restrictions began to ease creating a surge of activity in the sector.

Growth in housing activity also continued to play a leading role in the current growing trend of the construction industry with levels reaching those of the Celtic Tiger era as Ireland continues to battle problems of the current housing crisis. 55% of firms in the industry expect an increase in demand over the next 12 months creating a need for workers in the industry.


2. Increasing Salary

Benefits of Working in Construction

The construction industry is one of the few industries to see sustained growth in pay over the recent years with the average industry salary growing 5% year on year according to recent research. With the construction industry playing an instrumental part in the Irish economy, there has been a move to improve the remuneration and benefits packages on offer in order to attract and maintain talented workers in the industry. General issues such as health benefits, car allowances, pensions, and more have been improved for workers in the Irish construction industry in recent years.


3. Career Progression

Benefits of Working in Construction

The current growth rate of the industry culminating with the future projections has led to a skills shortage in the construction industry as plans for continued growth are in place for the future for the workforce to reach 220,000 by 2024. This lack of skilled professionals in the industry is creating an opportunity for those looking at a career in this industry to get started ahead of the curve providing themselves with a chance to gain very important insight into the industry as it stands. Those workers starting at entry-level now have the opportunity to follow a clear path to becoming a master craftsperson in an expanding and profitable industry.


4. Versatility of Industry

Benefits of Working in Construction

One of the major advantages for the construction industry in 2021 is the wide variety of roles that are on offer which can accommodate all skill sets from new beginners to experienced professionals. One common misconception of the industry is that it is just full of builders, while this is a major part of the industry there are also many highly skilled roles available from architects and electricians to supervisors and engineers. Take a look at some of the current roles that we have available here.


5. Autonomy

Benefits of Working in Construction

Jobs in the construction sector can have many intangible benefits that come along with the usual monetary packages. One of the major advantages of a career in the construction sector is the high levels of autonomy that workers receive. Autonomy has also been linked as one of the key aspects of keeping workers happy in a construction-oriented job. This gives the worker the ability to work their way up the ranks from their own accord. Hardworking, professional, and problem-solving are key traits associated with employees who get promoted to levels of power within a construction organisation.


Ultimately, the construction industry in Ireland has bright prospects for the current generation with plans for the future in place making the industry one of the more exciting to be involved within Ireland in the coming years.

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