5 Preparation Tips for Virtual Job Interviews

Prepare yourself for virtual job interviews with these tips from our expert recruitment consultants

Although you may have never done one before, it is likely that your next job interview will be conducted remotely, using video communication technology like Skype or Zoom. 

The last few months have changed the working world, and as many sectors begin experimenting with a remote working structure, the way in which interviews are conducted has changed too.

To prepare you for your next virtual job interview, please see our top tips from our recruitment consultants:

1. Adequately Prepare

Preparing for a virtual interview does not just mean looking smart and professional, or making sure that you have substantial knowledge of the organisation you wish to work for.

Consider the room which you use. Is there enough natural lighting? Does your background allow you to be the focus? Are you away from any possible distractions which may arise while on the virtual job interview?

With these factors considered, test the technology you are using to ensure that your audio, visual, and voice functions are all working correctly, and arrive on your call early to make sure of this.

2. Manage Your Positioning

In the absence of a physical environment, it is a good idea to make your video interview feel as much like a face to face conversation as possible.

You can do this by positioning your camera at eye level, making sure that you are within the frame and always monitoring your body language.

Good body language means sitting up straight, not slouching your shoulders, ensuring the camera is at eye level and maintaining an expression of interest.

man in blue dress shirt smiling beside woman in black and red floral dress

3. Build Rapport

It can be more difficult to establish a connection with interviews through a virtual job interview. This is why it is even more important to build a sense of rapport with them from the start.

Standing out becomes more important when it comes to virtual, so incorporate conversational elements when possible so that it doesn’t become a routine question and answers session.

Demonstrate your interest in the role – ask questions or convey how aspects of the job relate to your background.


4. Be Authentic

In the process of preparing, do not fall into the trap of preparing so much that you come across as robotic.

Inform yourself and be prepared, but make sure that you are channeling who you are, and getting across your USP.

Interviewers like to have a sense of who you are, as it helps to inform them whether you are a fit for their company culture.


5. Follow Up

It is worth following up with your interviewer by sending them an email to thank them for the opportunity.

This not only gives you an opportunity to keep your interviewee profile top of mind but also to provide additional information that could inform their decision.

Demonstrate how your unique background makes you the best fit, and reinforce your interest in the role in your virtual job interview.

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Now that you are equipped for any virtual job interview, why not view our current vacancies or submit your CV? To speak to our team today, contact us at 021 2066 578 or email us at [email protected].

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