4 Key Benefits of Flexible Working

It’s often thought that flexible working opportunities only benefit the employee, but this is not the case.

Flexible working is not one thing. It is an umbrella term that applies to any work management structure that deviates from the traditional eight-hour office day. It can include remote working, alternative schedule jobs, and more. All in all, it is a negotiable arrangement that has the potential to benefit both employer and employee. 

It’s clear that there is an appetite for these opportunities amongst employees, but here we outline the many benefits of providing such working opportunities, for employers:


1. Recruitment & Retention

The simple truth is that employees are more receptive to roles that allow them to work flexibly. We know from the results of our recent social media poll that 95% of people are more likely to apply for a job if it offers flexible working opportunities. This of course applies to the retention of talented staff, too.

2. Productivity Increases

Continuing on from the previous point, recruiting and retaining quality staff and providing them with flexible working opportunities allows them to work harder and increase their output by having greater control of their working day.

Additionally, flexible working is associated with a decrease in stress and fatigue, which typically leads to loss of focus. As employees have the freedom to play to their strengths, the output is oftentimes improved.

As outlined in an earlier article, the ability to work remotely is associated with productivity increases of up to 13%.

Flexible Working

3. Financial Benefits

There are numerous cost savings associated with facilitating flexible working for your staff teams. Following on from recruitment and retention, there are obvious cost savings from not needing to recruit new staff as often.

4. Diversification

Recruiting for a role that is based in a single location limits your talent pool, whereas by offering a flexible working opportunity such as remote working, there is a much higher chance of attracting a diverse talent pool of candidates.


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