4 Benefits of Contract Work for Employers & Employees

Contract work has become increasingly popular amongst both employers and employees alike, offering a wealth of benefits to both which is not present in traditional employment. Euro Executive Recruitment provides bespoke contract hire solutions for all of your contract recruitment needs.

In addition to sourcing professionals that are willing and able to relocate from the European Union, we also cater to clients who require contract workers for niche roles.

There are numerous benefits to employers for hiring contract workers, but equally to contract employees. We have outlined several of these benefits below:



Contract Employers

1. Cost-Effective

As hiring contract employees is usually a temporary solution, there are no stipulations of an annual salary involved. It is also unlikely you will be investing in training and development due to the short-term, time-specific nature of their work. Remuneration is centred solely around the time put into these short and medium-term tasks.


2. Highly-Skilled Labour

Contract workers do tend to have specific, specialist skillsets and a wealth of experience, so they are accustomed to working on niche projects. In the case of shorter-term projects, it just makes more sense to take on contract employees rather than investing time and resources into upskilling permanent members of staff.


3. Resource & Time Efficiency

Due to their established skillset, contract employees need little induction or training and usually can work straight away. There is no real need for them to be familiarised with the work environment or to be introduced to every single system.

Additionally, their expertise means less time is required in overseeing contract employee work, so management time can be spent on the operational matters that more importantly need attention.


4. Reduced Risk

As contract hires are generally shorter term than traditional permanent or temporary contracts, there is no long-term commitment involved meaning that you can benefit from scaling your workforce up and down as per operational demands.



Contract Employees

1. Higher Remuneration

Since there is no salary involved, it’s often assumed that contract work doesn’t pay well, but many skilled contract roles provide opportunities for higher rates of pay than a full-time salary. This is for a number of reasons, such as the specificity of the role and skillsets required for it, and the absence of the benefits that are usually received by permanent staff.

As a contract worker, you are free to take on as much work as you can handle with your time, oftentimes charging based on the hours you’ve done for a project rather than a salary.


2. Experience

Working on varying projects with different employers provides you with a wealth of experience at a faster rate than permanent staff, as you become exposed to a variety of scenarios and work with new systems, which is hugely advantageous to your employability given the rapid technological advancements of today.

In addition to specific skills and systems, by working on a contract basis you are also developing your adaptability – a trait that prospective employers will value greatly.


3. Flexibility

Dependent on the role or project that you are working on, you may have great autonomy of the hours that you work and so won’t be tied into fixed hours. This means you can contribute to your income without committing to a full-time job, doing the work that’s expected, but when is most convenient to you.


4. Networking

Undertaking contract roles will naturally build your professional network and effectively develop your own professional identity, making it easier for you to secure employment opportunities in the future.


Our Success

Euro Executive Recruitment has an extensive network of talented contract professionals in Ireland and Europe through our European offices both in Ireland and locations including Croatia, Romania, Poland and more. 

We also offer remote hire solutions (as required) for your particular talent requirements from the ever-growing remote professionals talent pool across Ireland and Europe.


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