Managing Remote Teams

Not just a short-term reality, more and more organisations are making the decision to implement remote working procedures

Remote working has presented new benefits and challenges for employees and management alike. Suffice to say, managing remote teams requires a different approach from traditional management. 

We have outlined some tips for effectively managing remote teams in this very new working environment:


1. Communication is Key

Ensure that despite the distance, communication between your working team does not break down. Try to have a daily check-in each morning, using video conferencing technology like Zoom or Google Team Hangouts. Keeping a regular communication flow helps to ensure the normality of operations.

Remote Teams

2. Manage Expectations

Although the team is working remotely, everyone should have a very clear idea of what is expected of them, and what they expect of others. To avoid any confusion amongst your remote team, clearly state tasks, deadlines, owners, actions, and any other details of responsibility.


3. Avoid Micro-Management

It is prudent to consider the results of your team’s work, rather than micro-managing their minute-by-minute activities. Remote working is inherently flexible, and productivity should not be measured by whether or not office hours are adhered to, but rather by if the work is done when it is due.


4. Equip for Success

It is important to consider the resource touchpoints required for your team to do their work ordinarily in-office. Do they have access to these resources at home? They may require laptops, a stronger internet connection, special software, or VPN access to internal servers. By catering to these resource needs, you are equipping them for success.

Remote Teams

5. Uphold Team Cultures

Employee morale is deeply rooted in a positive organisational culture, and while this is difficult to maintain when everyone works remotely, it is important that you make efforts to promote it. Schedule weekly virtual lunches or other social meetings via Zoom. Your team will thank you for it.

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