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5 Questions to Ask After an Interview

It is almost customary for the interviewer to finish an interview with “do you have any questions?”. If you don’t ask a question/questions the interviewer might be lacking the engagement they want from a potential new employee. Asking strong, insightful questions will not only differentiate you from other candidates but also determine if you would like to work in this prospective business.

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10 Things You Can Do to Get Promoted in Your Workplace

When you’ve worked for an organisation for a long length of time and have demonstrated considerable work ethic in your role, you may be reaching a point where you want to progress your career and be promoted. Here, we outline 10 things you can do to get promoted in your workplace.

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Project Ireland 2040: Cork

This time we are focusing on Cork City in the South West of Ireland. Cork City has been hailed fifth overall best city in Europe for economic potential, with a projected population growth of around 50-60% by 2040.